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Retirement Board

Retirement Board information

Visit this page for information about the Retirement Board, its members and meetings.

Board members

This board directs the operation of the Retirement System for Macomb County employees. The County’s representatives on the Retirement Board, per the Charter, shall be a representative from the Executive’s Office, a representative from the Treasurer’s Office, a representative from the County Board of Commissioners, a representative from the Department of Roads, and three elected, active employees.

Chair: Mark Deldin (chair term expires: 12-31-2022)

Vice Chair:  Bryan Santo (vice-chair term expires: 12-31-2022)

Voting members:

  • Mark Deldin - County Executive designee
  • Michael Grix - Employee representative (term expires: 12-31-2024) Clerks Office - Elections
  • Harold Haugh - Macomb County Board of Commissioners designee
  • Kenneth P. Willis - Employee representative (term expires: 12-31-2025) Sheriff
  • Larry Rocca - Macomb County Treasurer
  • Bryan Santo - Macomb County Department of Roads
  • Daniel Willis - Employee representative (term expires: 12-31-2026) Sheriff

Non-voting members:

  • Wendy Fisher - Retiree representative
  • John Schapka - Corporation Counsel
  • Stephen Smigiel - Secretary, Finance Director
  • Buck Global - Actuary
  • AndCo Consulting - Investment consultant
  • VanOverbeke, Michaud and Timmony Special Legal Counsel
  • Wells Fargo - Custodial Bank