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Policies and procedures

Reports from the community development program - part of community planning services in the Macomb County Planning and Economic Development department.

The CAPER is submitted to HUD annually. It describes activity during the program year for the CDBG, HOME, and ESG programs. The report also discusses general housing issues and assesses program performance based on the Annual Action Plan.


2021 CAPER

2020 CAPER

2019 CAPER

2018 CAPER

2017 CAPER

2016 CAPER

The Citizen Participation Plan describes the policies and procedures for involving citizens in critical planning issues and funding recommendations related to the CDBG, HOME and ESG programs.

Citizen Participation Plan - June 2020 Adopted Amendment

The Analysis of Impediments of Fair Housing Choice involves a comprehensive review and assessment of how the County's laws, regulations, policies, and procedures affect the location, availability and how conditions, both public and private, affect fair housing choice.

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice - Final Report 2019

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice - 2023