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Macomb Region M Regional Housing Partnership

Creating a community that provides choices for safe, healthy, affordable, accessible, and attainable housing for everyone.

Please click here to view the Region M strategic plan and draft action plan. The draft action plan was open for public review until 9/28/2023. The final action plan was submitted to MSHDA on 9/29/2023. Please click here to view the Region M updated strategic plan and final action plan. The plan was updated on 4/10/2024.

Mission - By providing a countywide cross-sector collaborative work to educate the community; create new housing opportunities, reduce gaps and successfully stabilize the housing ecosystem.

Vision - To create a community that provides choices for safe, healthy, affordable, accessible, and attainable housing for everyone.


Members and affiliates of the task force agree to support the mission and vision of the task force.

Individuals and organizations can participate in the task force in two ways: committee membership and task force affiliation.

Committee membership - Individuals and organizations can apply for membership on a working committee. Working committee members agree to regularly attend committee meetings and work towards forwarding the aims of the committee to which they belong. Membership organizations may send a delegate of their choice to represent the organization at committee meetings. All committee members are members of the Task Force.

Task force affiliation - Affiliates are individuals and organizations who are engaged in the housing ecosystem and want to make an impact within Macomb County.  Affiliates will receive regular and routine update, emails, and Task Force meeting notices and may participate on a Committee.

The subcommittees and their MSHDA RHP state priority areas are as follows:

  • Subcommittee #1: Housing Stock Group with priority areas in Housing Stock and Rental Housing.
  • Subcommittee #2: Pathways to Housing with priority areas in Homeownership and Housing Ecosystem.
  • Subcommittee #3: Population Housing Needs with priority areas in Older Adult Housing and Preventing and Ending Homelessness.

Each subcommittee will have the opportunity to support Michigan's Statewide Housing Plan's vision to include the 5 statewide housing targets, 8 priority areas, 37 goals and 134 strategies.

Completed and submitted applications will be reviewed by the steering committee.