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2023 recovery plan

Details on the 2023 American recovery plan

Macomb County seeks to leverage the American Rescue Plan as the foundation for transformational change in the areas of criminal justice, public health and community action, and infrastructure improvements. Throughout the pandemic, many operational areas across the county’s service network have been strained due to increased need and emerging community trends. Our objective has been to remain resilient in the face of so many unprecedented challenges and work with our community partners to ensure that our programs can adapt to meet the needs of our constituents. As we have seen and continue to see an influx of funds from our state and federal partners that target meeting daily needs, we have sought to modernize our service offerings by investing in capital projects and new program offerings that will revolutionize how and where we provide critical services. Our initiatives leveraging the American Rescue Plan are as follows:

  • Criminal justice reform with a new central intake and assessment center focused on prevention, diversion and treatment rather than punishment and confinement.
  • New community action centers connecting all of the service providers within our Health and Community Services Divisions which will be focused on client advocacy and comprehensive case management.
  • An expansive public works program targeting deficiencies in underground infrastructure.

To view the entire plan, download the 2023 Macomb County Recovery Plan