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Aerial view of paving operations

Documents and policies

Documents, policies, and information related to roads in Macomb County.

Below are documents, policies, and additional resources and information related to roads in Macomb County.

Document Description
Speed Radar Sign Policy Speed radar signs within the Department of Roads right of way require an approved permit.
Adopt-A-County Road Safety Rules Department of Roads Adopt-A-County Road safety rules and information.
Countywide Corridors of Significance Study The Macomb Countywide Corridors of Significance Study was initiated in the spring of 2021 by the Macomb County FAC, in collaboration with MCDR, to facilitate the planning of major federal aid investments on county roadway corridors.
Damage Claim Form Department of Roads damage claim form.
Everything You Wanted to Know About Potholes Additional information from Department of Roads related to potholes.
Macomb County FAC Guidance Document This guidance document provides a framework for the background, purpose, authority, and administration of the Macomb County FAC.
Macomb County FOIA Policy Macomb County Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) policy and information.
Macomb County Proposed Master Plan Right of Way Map Department of Roads proposed Master Plan for Right of Way in Macomb County.
Mailbox Specifications U.S. Postal Service specifications and guidelines for mailboxes and mailbox installation.
MCDR Non-Motorized Program Policy Guide Application based cost sharing match program non-motorized shared use pathways along Macomb County jurisdictional roadways.
MDOT: Public Roads and Private Property Public roads and private property information from MDOT.
MDOT: Your Rights and Benefits Transportation projects and private property information from MDOT.
Michigan and Federal Labor Laws State and federal labor laws.
SEMCOG Regional Transportation Plan - 2050 This plan serves as the blueprint for transportation in the seven-county region of southeast Michigan.
SEMCOG Transportation Improvement Plan - 2023 - 2026 Yearly breakdown of federally funded road projects throughout Macomb County. Projects have been approved for federal funding.
Subdivision Paving Standard Details Subdivision paving standard details for subdivision roads.
Subdivision Specifications Department of Roads guidelines for the development, design, and construction of subdivision roads.
Transportation Asset Management Plan The Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) describes the processes that MCDR uses to maintain the transportation assets the agency is responsible for.