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Macomb County Green Schools

The intent of the Michigan Green Schools Program is to encourage students to participate in activities which help them learn about preserving natural resources, protecting the environment and energy efficiency and savings.

Established in 2006, the Michigan Green Schools program is open to any K-12 public or private school in Michigan. To receive a “Green School” designation, each school must apply by submitting an appropriate application to the county/intermediate school district in which the school is located each year. The intent of the Michigan Green Schools Program is to encourage students to participate in activities which help them learn about preserving natural resources, protecting the environment and to promote energy efficiency and savings.

Why participate in the Green Schools Program?

The Michigan Green Schools Program is a fun, educational initiative that encourages students to participate in activities that are good for the environment and promote energy efficiency and savings.

Be sure to check out a few events going on at other Macomb County Green Schools by visiting our Info-Ideas-Events page. If you have something going on related to your Green School Program, please let us know so we can help promote!

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Macomb County Green Schools 2021/2022 recap

Check out the list of the 2021/2022 Macomb County Green Schools

In April of 2022, the Macomb County Board of Commissioners honored the 73 schools which achieved Official Michigan Green School status for the 2021-22 Program Cycle.

Of those achieving Official Michigan Green School status:

  • Six have participated every single year since the beginning of our program:

    Eisenhower Elementary School, Eisenhower High School, Jefferson Middle School, Salk Elementary, St. Augustine and St. Joan of Arc.
  • All 73 have robust recycling programs.
  • All 73 have energy efficiency activities in place; meaning that they are saving resources and saving money.

Each year, as part of the Macomb County Green Schools program, the opportunity for students to create and submit a logo which may be considered for use specifically in Macomb County Green Schools program materials in the upcoming year.

Natalie Bolak from L’Anse Creuse Middle School – North, is the creator of the winning logo this year!

Each year the “best of each category” is recognized for the designations of Green, Emerald and Evergreen. Top Schools for 2021-22 are as follows:

  • Green Designation Category: Davis Junior High School
  • Emerald Designation Category: Margaret Black Elementary School
  • Evergreen Designation Category: Warren Mott High School
  • Top Overall: Chippewa Valley High School
  • There were additional awards given out this year: Standout Activities: Butcher Educational Center, Career Preparation Center, and Flynn Education Center. Creativity Award: Lakeview Early Childhood Center – Wheat Campus

2022 Green Advocate award winners:

This year, the Macomb Green Schools Program presented the fifth annual Green Advocate Award to sisters Tazmeen and Safiya Aftab, students at Pearl Lean Elementary School. The sisters' nomination came from Melissa Bielski, a teacher at Pearl Lean Elementary School.

“I would like to nominate the Aftab sisters, Tazmeen and Safiya for the Green Advocate nomination this year.  Tazmeen is in my Ecology Club at Pearl Lean.  She is constantly asking me how she can recycle items, reuse them and make them into new objects.  Her sister Safiya is in my 2nd grade classroom as a student.  I notice that there are items I throw away, that she wants to recycle.  I think she gets this from her big sister Tazmeen.  Both girls enjoy making items into new items to reuse, taking items and recycling them again, such as bags and tissue paper from Christmas and Valentine's Day.  In their lunches/snacks, they use reusable containers, reusable water bottles from home, and enjoy giving paper a second chance, always. For Christmas, Safiya took items from home, reused them, glued them together and made me a box to put items in on my desk at school.  She reused paper and colored it, glued various beads and decorated it with colored paper that she cut.”

Congratulations to Tazmeen and Safiya Aftab, the 2022 Green Advocate Award Winners!

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