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Facilities and Operations

Managing County resources responsibly and efficiently, while providing a safe workplace for employees and the general public.

Key services or functions:

  • Assist in the development of the capital budget.
  • Coordinate architectural and engineering services.
  • Coordinate vendor services as it pertains to maintenance of facilities and infrastructure.
  • Responsible for climate control within facilities, including heating and cooling, pneumatic systems, routine maintenance of filters, chilled water systems, cooling towers and steam-line infrastructures.
  • Responsible for repairs and upgrades to interior and exterior lighting equipment, power feeds and electrical infrastructures.
  • Responsible for the maintenance, repair and annual inspections of all life/safety systems, including fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, elevators, emergency generators, etc.
  • Responsible for all landscape and grounds maintenance, including grass cutting, snow removal and using “best practices” to minimize adverse impacts on the environment.
  • Responsible for repairs and maintenance of plumbing fixtures, drains, grease traps and backflow prevention.
  • Responsible for custodian and housekeeping maintenance including stocking paper products, recycling materials, refuse pickup, etc.
  • Coordinates hazardous material abatement.

Goals and objectives:

  • Implement planned maintenance programs, which are designed to extend the useful life of buildings and operating systems and to avoid premature capital outlay for replacement.
  • Provide a level of service in maintaining the County general fund buildings with the continued decrease in budget and manpower.
  • Further evaluate cleaning product line and delivery for additional cost savings.
  • Maintain a maintenance schedule for all mechanical systems.
  • Negotiate discounts with suppliers.
  • Provide quarterly inspections of mechanical and electrical systems, identifying components needing repair or replacement.