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Macomb County’s cozy cafes and coffee shops are perfect for remote workers

Have you ever heard of the term “Third Offices?" If you answered no, we've got you. Your Third Office is somewhere to comfortably take calls, answer emails and finish other tasks necessary to carry out your workday. These places are substitutes for going into the office and staying at home. 

Coffee shops and cafés are brilliant locations to act as your “Third Office”, as most have seating, wi-fi, snacks and refreshments to indulge in - the seductive coffee aroma doesn’t hurt either. Fortunately, Macomb County has a plethora of cafés sprinkled throughout the area.

Studying at Eos

For those living on the Southern end of the county, I recommend Eos Café & Coffee House in St. Clair Shores. Off Jefferson, this relaxing café has great food options, comfortable seating, and a staff of friendly people. During breaks, you can even read a book since they have shelves of them given by the community. The shop is spacious with warm, brown decor and pots of greenery hanging from the ceiling. There are also restrooms in the back for whenever nature calls. Whether it’s sunny or rainy, Eos is a great Third Office to be in.

Another great Third Office is Coffee Break Cafe in Eastpointe. This pleasing shop is located off of 10 mile and I-94. It’s homey and comfortable, with tasty treats and an extensive drink menu. The interior decor is attractive, as well, with lovely murals and woven bags of international coffee brands lining the walls. Like Eos, Coffee Break has restrooms in the back, as well. They also sell bags of coffee beans, in case you want to take the tasty fragrance home with you.

Other amazing cafés and coffee shops in Macomb County include:

What other Third Offices are there to visit in Macomb County? Let us know!


Rachel Dearing works for Macomb County Planning and Economic Development.

Department:Make Macomb Your Home