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Tree facts to keep in mind for this year's tree and plant sale

With the Green Macomb Tree and Plant Sale open now until April 5, we thought it would be helpful to dive into a few interesting facts about the greenery you can buy:

Conifers are bushes or trees that produce cones and usually have needles that stay green year round. Some of the conifers you’ll see on sale include white pine, norway spruce and c. blue spruce.

  • White pines are fast-growing trees that prefer lots of sun and well-drained soil. Back in the colonial days, the best white pines were set apart for masts on British ships, but in the 21st Century, they can be found in parks and spacious yards, as well as some commercial areas. It is the state tree for Maine and our very own Michigan! 

  • Norway spruces, while native to Europe, are common trees around the globe. They are tolerant to various different types of soil and are the fastest growing of all the spruces. The dense branching patterns of this tree help with privacy and act as good windbreaks. Fun fact: while it’s true this tree grows in Norway, its origins are in Eurasia. 

  • The c. blue spruce was originally found growing along the Rocky Mountains in 1862. It is ornamental in shape, making it a great tree for the Christmas holiday and perfect for commercial and residential areas alike. Like the norway spruce, the c. blue spruce can also act as a great privacy blanket and windbreak when planted in a row. It is also deer resistant and maintains its silvery blue-green color year-round.

A deciduous is a bush or tree that has leaves that fall off its branches every year. In the tree and plant sale, a few options to choose from include red maple, eastern redbud and autumn blaze maple. 

Eastern Redbud trees
  • Red maples are trees that boast beautiful red and yellow fall colors and have a growth speed of medium to fast. While preferring partial shade, these trees bud in winter, flower in spring and reach maturity in autumn. They also have a tolerance for a wide range of soil types. Not to mention, the red maple is the state tree of Rhode Island!

  • Eastern redbuds (pictured) are known as the harbinger of spring. They grow at a medium speed in a variety of soils and prefer partial sunlight. These trees are native to North America and their beauty has been noted by many people, including George Washington who was said to have transplanted seedlings in his own garden. 

Lastly, some of the plants you will find at the tree and plant sale are fruit and vegetable trees. Many of them need a pollinator partner to help them bear produce like bartlett pears or granny smiths.

Bartlett Pear trees
  • Bartlett pear (pictured) trees grow what is considered America’s favorite pear, despite originating from Europe. With a fast growth speed these plants have the ability to flourish in moist, well-drained soils and in full sunlight. 

  • Granny Smiths grow some of the best apples to cook and bake with. At a medium growth speed, these trees require full sunlight and prefer clay, moist, well-drained and sandy soils. Fun fact: Granny Smiths were discovered in Australia after apple cores – discarded by a Mrs. Smith – suddenly began to sprout.


Plant facts taken from the Arbor Day Foundation website. The Arbor Day Foundation is the largest member nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees with assistance from a network of diverse individual, corporate and municipal partners. Since their inception in 1972, they have helped plant over 500 million trees across more than 50 countries. 

Those interested in purchasing a tree, plant or shrub for an affordable price can learn more about this year’s tree and plant sale by visiting our website.

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