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NTL Industries awarded Industry 4.0 technology implementation grant

NTL Industries Inc., a CNC precision machining company based in Sterling Heights, has been awarded a $15,000 Industry 4.0 technology implementation grant with help from Macomb County Planning and Economic Development (MCPED).

NTL used the grant money to help purchase an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that allows them to improve the quality of work, the flow of information on and off the floor, purchasing quality and more.

In an industry such as manufacturing, where efficiency is constantly sought yet difficult to find, enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be a game-changer. Manufacturing ERP is a centralized method of managing every aspect of facility operations and processes, from production to payroll. 

ERP allows for unprecedented visibility, coordination and management across the disparate processes that make up a business — ultimately resulting in greater operational efficiency.

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