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Last chance to tour the Macomb County Jail’s historic maximum security area

Press Release

The County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting a special event to allow the public one final opportunity to tour a portion of the existing Macomb County Jail, an historic landmark, before it undergoes demolition. Visitors will be allowed to walk through the original maximum security area. This facility built in the 1960’s resembles Alcatraz.

"The Macomb County Jail holds a unique place in our county's history," said County Executive Mark Hackel. “As we say goodbye to this iconic structure, we must also look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead with the new Central Intake and Assessment Center. This facility will play a vital role in addressing the needs of our community and improving the safety and overall well-being of our residents."

The event will take place Wednesday, May 15 and Thursday, May 16, from Noon to 6 p.m. at the Macomb County Jail located at 43565 Elizabeth Rd, Mt Clemens, MI 48043. Reservations are required and interested parties including large groups, such as schools or clubs, can schedule a tour by contacting Macomb County Sheriff's Office Training Division at 586-307-9311. Attendees are advised that stairs are required for access to the West Entrance of the facility.

"The tour provides a rare glimpse into the past while also offering insight into the future of our county's corrections and mental health services,” stated Sheriff Anthony Wickersham. “We are committed to ensuring that the new facility not only meets the highest standards of safety and security but also provides a supportive environment for individuals seeking assistance."

The demolition of a portion of the current jail facility is part of a larger initiative to make way for the new Central Intake and Assessment Center with renovations being done to the remaining parts of the jail. This center is designed to provide crucial support to individuals in need of mental health and substance use assistance within the community. More information regarding the Safe and Healthy Macomb initiative can be found on

Attendees of the event will gain valuable insights into the future plans for the site and the enhanced services it will provide for the community. This occasion marks a unique opportunity to witness history in the making and to commemorate the legacy of the Macomb County Jail.

Please contact the Macomb County Sheriff's Office Training Division at 586-307-9311 to schedule a time.

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Press Release