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Macomb County

County Name Origin

This county was created on January 15, 1818, by proclamation of Michigan's territorial governor, Lewis Cass (1782-1866). He named the county in honor of his friend, General Alexander Macomb, who had been born in Detroit when if was still controlled by the British.

Macomb County border transformations

We often think of our borders as set in stone, but the reality is that many of our communities have changed shape over the years, and that includes the county itself. When Michigan’s territorial governor, Lewis Cass, created Macomb County by proclamation in 1818, it was enormous and encompassed eight of today’s counties. Over time, other counties formed and broke off, leaving Macomb with the border we have today.

Signs of the Times

The Township of Orange, one of Macomb’s original townships, was changed to Erin Township in 1843. It has been said this change took place owing to the great number of Irish Catholics settled in the area.

Community name changes throughout Macomb County’s history

Over the past 200 years, the communities that make up Macomb County have changed significantly. Borders have moved, townships have turned into cities, and many villages simply ceased to exist.

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