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Macomb County

Child Protection Unit

Our mission is to prosecute crimes against children, empower the victims of sexual assault, and transform society’s response to sexual and physical child abuse.

The Macomb County Child Protection Unit, or CPU, prosecutes those who commit crimes against our youngest, most vulnerable citizens.

The CPU works with local and state police agencies to investigate and bring to justice child abuse cases, as well as all cases of a sexual nature when the victim is younger than 18 at the time of the criminal acts.

The CPU Unit works to meet two goals:

  1. To investigate every case in a full and fair manner, so that justice may be done; and
  2. To treat victims and families fairly and responsibly, so that victims are not dissuaded from reporting crimes and following through on their prosecution.

The assistant prosecutors in the CPU are seasoned trial attorneys who have undergone, and continue to undergo, specialized training in the field. They have dedicated their professional lives to helping those victims too young to protect themselves against abuse and sexual predators.

The Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office believes that survivors of sexual assault deserve dedicated support throughout the criminal process.  Therefore, the Child Protection Unit includes a specialized prosecuting attorney who vertically prosecutes adult-victim cases from warrant review through resolution.  The cases handled by this prosecuting attorney include sexual assaults committed against adults, as well as delayed disclosures of child sexual assaults against victims who are now over the age of 18.

Chief: Molly Zappitell
Phone 586-469-7304 

Alternate:  Stephanie Stager
Phone 586-469-7291

APA Alexandra Fedorak
Phone 586-469-7303

APA Mark Laws
Phone 586-469-7367

APA Lisa Lozen
Phone 586-469-6403

APA Elizabeth Rittenger
Phone 586-469-6631

APA Colleen Worden
Phone 586-469-7285 


Report Actual or Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect Form