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Macomb County

GAL Training and Seminars

Training and Seminar Information


December 6th, 2019 GAl/Attorney Training Seminar
2019 Notice
2019 Profile & Registration Form


2018 GAL/Attorney Training (For New Attorneys to be Placed in Court Approved List)
2018 Notice
2018 Profile Sheet/Registration
2018 Agenda
2018 Minor Guardianship Policy Manual
2018 GAL Procedures and Policies
2018 How to Find People or Property
2018 Sample Forms and GAL Reports
2018 Minor Guardianship Forms
2018 Mental Health Forms


December 6th, 2017 GAL/Attorney Training Seminar
2017 Agenda
2017 Minor Guardianship Policy Manual
2017 GAL Procedures and Policies
2017 How to Find People or Property
2017 Recent Changes in Probate Laws
2017 Sample Forms and GAL Reports
2017 Minor Guardianship Forms
2017 Mental Health Forms


December 7th, 2015  Training Seminar
2015 Profile Sheet/Registration
2015 Notice
2015 Agenda
2015 Training Outline by Bob Szalka
2015 Patricia Patterson Courie training materials
               Case Law Update by Patricia Patterson Courie
               Case Law and Legislative Update by Michael J. McClory
               Questions and Answers from Michigan Probate Judges



December 1, 2014 Attorney Training Seminar Highlights
2014 Dan Simjanovski: Litigation Tips
2014 Investigating Assests on Conservationships For INV./Accounts
2014 Overview of ADR/Case Evaluation


December 3, 2014 Attorney on Waiting List and New GAL/Attorneys Training Seminar Highlights
2014 Nuts & Bolts of Serving as Guardian :Beth Stubbs


2014 Mental Health Attorney / GAL Training Seminar
2014 Mental Health Seminar Package 1
2014 Mental Health Seminar Package 2
2014 Mental Health Seminar Exhibits
2014 Developmentally Disabled Individuals Attorney / Gal Training Seminar
2014 Developmentally Disabled Seminar Package
2014 Developmentally Disabled Seminar Exhibits


December 2, 2013 GAL / Attorney Training Seminar Highlights
Speaker Caren Burdi's Seminar Materials - Settlements
2013 GAL Training Outline
General Training Information
Duties of a Guardian ad Litem, Instructions for Reports and Guardian Reviews
Serving as Guardian ad Litem
Serving as Assigned Counsel