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Renewal CPL Application


A CPL license is renewed in the same manner as the original license. An application is considered a renewal if the applicant has received a concealed pistol license under compliance of the training requirements set forth in the Act after July 1, 2001, and the license is not more than 1 year past its expiration.

Applicants applying for a renewal of their Concealed Pistol License should apply at least 2 months (but not more than 6 months) prior to expiration of current Concealed Pistol License in order to eliminate any lapse between the current Concealed Pistol License and the new Concealed Pistol License.


Review State of Michigan CPL Requirements

Please click the link below to access the Michigan State Police's website for a concise list of Michigan Concealed Pistol License requirements.

Review Training Requirements

All renewal applicants must satisfy the following training requirements:

  • Applicant must complete at least (3) hours of review of the required training and have at least 1 hour of firing range time within 6 months of submitting your application. CLICK HERE to review the Firearms Laws of Michigan.

This may be completed by either:

  • Taking a Review course (which includes firing range time) with a local National Rifle Association (NRA) Instructor or
  • By signing the statement on the application that you have completed the 3 hour requirement and have had at least 1 hour firing range time.
    This information will be documented on the application at time of 
    submitting the CPL application to the clerk’s office.
    (If completing on your own, range time must be done at a shooting range.)

Renew your CPL by using the Concealed Pistol License renewals system on Michigan State Police website using your PIN (See your renewal letter for PIN Number).


This site requires a PIN that you will find on your renewal letter. 

If you cannot locate your PIN, you may submit a completed CPL Renewal Application, with payment, to the MSP CPL Unit, P.O. Box 30634, Lansing, Michigan 48909.


Additional Information


Firearms Laws of Michigan Handbook

CLICK HERE to download the "Firearms Laws Of Michigan Handbook" (latest revision October 2015).


Replacement CPL License

You may obtain a replacement CPL License from the Clerk's Office:

  • If your CPL License was stolen
  • If your CPL License was lost
  • If your name has changed

If your CPL license is stolen, report that to your local police department. You may obtain a replacement license from the Clerk's Office for $10. Bring your government-issued picture ID (drivers license, etc) and the fee along with a copy of the police report and a new permit will be re-issued to you.

  • CLICK HERE for hours and directions to the Clerk's Office


Disqualifying Misdemeanors

CLICK HERE for a listing of three and eight-year disqualifying misdemeanors.


Licensing Law Changes

CLICK HERE for changes on the Michigan State Concealed Weapon Licensing Law.


Local Police Departments

CLICK HERE to view a list of local police departments


States That Recognize Michigan CPL's

CLICK HERE to view the Department of Attorney General for a listing of states that recognize the Michigan issued permits.


Peace Officers or Law Enforcement Officers

Current police officers applying for the first time after July 1, 2001, are required to meet the training requirements set forth above under heading, "Training Requirements." If the officer is from a Local Police Department that has been certified by M.C.O.L.E.S. to provide training to its officers for obtaining a CPL, the officer may alternatively present a certificate or letter from the Police Department stating that he/she has successfully completed the training requirement.

For officers applying for a RENEWAL, the officer must certify to the Gun Board that he/she completed three hours review and an hour of fire range prior to submitting application.

The educational requirements are waived for RETIRED Police Officers or RETIRED Law Enforcement officers. (i.e. letter from chief of police showing proof of retiring in good standing from his/her employment or retirement card). Former police officers must complete and show proof of 8-hour training.


Pistol Free Zones

CLICK HERE for Pistol Free Areas

Applicants exempt from Pistol Free Zones:

MCL 28.425o(5a-j)

  • (a) An individual licensed under this act who is a retired police officer or retired law enforcement officer. The concealed weapon licensing board may require a letter from the law enforcement agency stating that the retired police officer or law enforcement officer retired in good standing.
  • (b) An individual who is licensed under this act and who is employed or contracted by an entity described under subsection (1) to provide security services and is required by his or her employer or the terms of a contract to carry a concealed firearm on the premises of the employing or contracting entity.
  • (c) An individual who is licensed as a private investigator or private detective under the professional investigator licensure act, 1965 PA 285, MCL 338.821 to 338.851.
  • (d) An individual who is licensed under this act and who is a corrections officer of a county sheriff's department.
  • (e) An individual who is licensed under this act and who is a motor carrier officer or capitol security officer of the department of state police.
  • (f) An individual who is licensed under this act and who is a member of a sheriff's posse.
  • (g) An individual who is licensed under this act and who is an auxiliary officer or reserve officer of a police or sheriff's department.
  • (h) An individual who is licensed under this act and who is a parole or probation officer of the department of corrections.
  • (i) A state court judge or state court retired judge who is licensed under this act. The concealed weapon licensing board may require a state court retired judge to obtain and carry a letter from the judicial tenure commission stating that the state court retired judge is in good standing as authorized under section 30 of article VI of the state constitution of 1963, and rules promulgated under that section, in order to qualify under this subdivision.
  • (j) An individual who is licensed under this act and who is a court officer.

Proof of employment for the above positions is required at the time of application.