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Senior Services

Senior Services provides support and services for residents age 60 years and older.

What does the Office of Senior Services do?

The Office of Senior Services provides services to Macomb County seniors age 60 and older. It is the go-to resource for older adults and their caregivers.

Supporting seniors, strengthening our community. Senior Services is here to help!


The mission of the Office of Senior Services is to promote and support aging well in Macomb County.

Senior Services' vision is to enhance quality of life, ability to age in place, foster independence, community inclusion, gratifying activities, recreation, employment and volunteerism.

Core values in serving seniors

Dignity and respect- The right to be valued and respected.

Integrity- The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

Accountability- An obligation to accept responsibility to account for ones actions.

Professionalism-Conduct, communication and behavior which reflects the highest standards of customer service.

Empowerment- Enabling individuals to have control over what happens in their lives.  

Advocacy- Support for issues related to the betterment of senior living.

Self-determination- The ability to make decisions for yourself. 

Meet the team

Staff people who work at the office of senior services
OSS Team

How is Senior Services funded?

The Office of Senior Services receives funding from: