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Active employee and deferred retirement forms

Applicable forms for active employees and deferred retirement.

All forms must be signed, electronic signatures will not be permitted. Any forms that are not signed will not be processed.

401a Nomination of beneficiary

Select a beneficiary to your 401a Defined Contribution funds.

Download the 401a beneficiary form

Address change

Active employees must complete this task on Workday.

Workday Resources

Application for purchase of military service time

Members of the Define Benefit pension plan that are veterans should complete this form if they wish to apply to receive credit toward retirement for their service.

Download Application for Purchase of Military Service Time

Disability retirement application packet

This packet must be completed to be considered for disability retirement. For more information about disability retirement, visit our Policies page and look up "Disability Retirement."

Download Disability Retirement Application Packet

DROP beneficiary change

This is to be completed by members of the DROP to change the beneficiary of their DROP funds.

Download DROP Beneficiary Change

Pension nomination of beneficiary

This form is to be completed by those who are members of the Defined Benefit pension plan to select a beneficiary of your contributions to the fund.

Download Pension Nomination of Beneficiary

Request for a retirement estimate

This form should be completed by deferred retirement members of the Defined Benefit pension plan or active employees who have multiple terms with Macomb County and are members of the Defined Benefit pension plan. Active employees should utilize the Pension/DROP Calculator to view an estimate for retirement.

Download Request for Retirement Estimate

Go to the Pension/DROP Calculator

Retirement service review

If there are questions or feel there is a discrepancy in the information obtained from the Pension/DROP Calculator.

Download Retirement Service Review Request