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Public Works

Public Works

Macomb County Public Works administers 475 County drains, issues drain and soil erosion permits, reviews engineering plans and conducts inspections


Candice S. Miller

Public Works Commissioner


As Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, Candice S. Miller has responsibility for many of the critical infrastructure components of Macomb County that impact water quality, the local economy and quality of life in our communities. She is responsible for the management and upkeep of 475 county drains, all of which eventually drain storm water into Lake St. Clair. As manager of the Macomb Interceptor Drain and co-manager of the Oakland-Macomb Interceptor Drain, she manages a system of pipes and pumps that provide sewer services to more than 1 million people. Other major duties include administration of the Soil Erosion Control Act, review of subdivision plats and management of the Chapaton and Martin retention basins. Her office supports ongoing educational efforts to teach both children and adults about the benefits of preserving and protecting our natural resources.



Report a polluter:

24-hour toll free emergency hotline


If a discharge is detected in a Macomb County drain, please contact the Macomb County Public Works Office.

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