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Foundations of Gardening

A comprehensive 10-week online MSU Extension course for adults who want to learn the scientific principles of gardening.

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This comprehensive 10-week program explores the many aspects of gardening through the use of self-paced learning modules partnered with weekly live lectures from experts in the field.

This course replaces MSU Extension's former MSU Extension Master Gardener training; however, not everyone who registers for this course needs to apply to become an MSU Extension Master Gardener. You may take this course for personal reasons and leave with our certificate if you pass the course.  If interested in joining the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program after enrolling in this course, click here for more details on steps to apply to become and MSU EMG. Taking this course does not guarantee you will become an MSU EMG but is the first step needed to apply to become one. A FOG certificate can be used to apply to the MSU EMG Volunteer Program for up to three years after receiving the certificate.

Course Description

10 Self-Paced Units - (One per week)

  • Ten units composed of readings, videos, activities, and website explorations. Learning materials are completed prior to attending the live virtual class each week.

10 Live Virtual Class Sessions - (One per week)

  • Each week a 2.5-hour webinar is taught by MSU experts in the field. Lectures reinforce and expand on content and include polls, demonstrations, and a Q&A session.

Assessments and Certification

  • Weekly assessments are used to track knowledge gains. Those who achieve a score of 80% or higher on all unit post-assessments and the final exam earn a Certificate of Completion.

Social Opportunities

  • A virtual social discussion board provides opportunities to connect with others taking the course.

Downloadable Resources

  • The contents of this course are entirely online. All readings and many resources can be downloaded for use during and after the course.

Click here for more information and to register.