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Friend of the Court

Friend of the Court

FOC serves the 16th Judicial Circuit Court in the enforcement of all support, alimony, and parenting time orders entered by the court.

Macomb County Friend of the Court has implemented a new phone system with the intent of shortening wait times and better directing calls. Recently we have had reports of callers not reaching their destination in a timely manner.  For this, we greatly apologize.  In an effort to further improve the system, we invite you to fill out the following questionnaire regarding any recent issue you may have had.  This is not intended to report issues with specific employee experiences.  That can be handled through our grievance process. Follow the link to report on any phone system issues you may have experienced.  Please note, that due to high call volumes it is not uncommon to have hold times exceed 10 minutes.  Thank you for your participation, we hope this will help us better serve you here at Macomb County Friend of the Court. 

Macomb County FOC phone feedback questionnaire 

Loss of employment - what to do

If you have become unemployed and are requesting a support review please submit a request for a support review by email, fax, or letter indicating when you became unemployed, whether or not you are applying for unemployment benefits, and reason for loss of employment. If you are approved for unemployment please send verification of the amount of your weekly benefit as soon as possible. Please include your case number and current phone number in your request. 

CLICK HERE for information or to apply for unemployment benefits


You can resolve your issue by sending an email or fax, or if the matter is not of an urgent nature sending a letter. Our fax# is 586-469-7941 and our email address for email submissions is You can also submit documents via email or fax. If you do not have a scanner you can take a photo of the document and send it as an email attachment.


For all other non-immediate and/or non-emergency parenting time questions or concerns, please submit your complaint in writing either through our online submission form or email submissions to


You can make payments electronically via the website or by mailing your payment to : MISDU, P.O. Box 30351, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7851 and be sure to include your case number, your name, county code of 50 for Macomb County, and FIPS code of 26099 on your check or money order. Payment coupons can be printed from You can also make payments online using credit card or debit card through at 1-888-604-7888 Macomb County Friend of the Court account code is 1441. 

CLICK HERE for important statement from the Supreme Court on matters involving children