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Ethics Board

Ethics Board

Ensures all public servants and vendors doing business with Macomb County comply with all laws and policies of county government.


The Macomb County Ethics Board was created by Article II the Home Rule Charter of Macomb County, Michigan in 2009 to ensure all public Servants (elected officials, appointed officials, employees) and vendors doing business with Macomb County comply with all laws and policies of county government. Public Servants are required to be independent, impartial, fair in their judgment and actions; use their public office for the public good, not for personal gain; conduct business openly, as provided by law, in an atmosphere of respect and civility; and cooperate fully with any request of the Ethics Board for information or assistance subject to law.

In order to prevent the incidence of unethical behaviors, increase the public’s trust and confidence of integrity and impartiality by all public servants conducting government business; the Macomb County Ethics Board is responsible for preparing educational materials regarding applicable ethical standards, conduct training programs for public servants, render advisory opinions when requested, develop and implement rules of procedure to receive complaints, investigate allegations, and render determinations regarding ethical violations in accordance with the Home Rule Charter of Macomb County and Enrolled Ordinance No 2019-05.

This comprehensive Ordinance defines Purpose and Definitions, General Standards of Conduct, Conflicts of Interest, Standard of Conduct Pertaining to gifts and gratuities, personal disclosure for public servants; personal disclosure for vendors; incompatible employment; nepotism; inappropriate use of county time and property for political activity; confidential information and lastly, use of public assets for private purposes.

A due process Rule of Procedure is closely adhered to by the Ethics Board to determine if, in fact, a complaint(s) of alleged unethical conduct contrary to the Ordinance; was violated by a Macomb County Public Servant. Such violations are considered municipal law infractions with fines up to $500.00 imposed by the Ethics Board. In addition, a Public Servant who violates the ordinance may be subject to appropriate personnel actions.