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Parenting time general information

Information on parenting and grandparenting time, schedules and resources

Parenting time

Parenting time is the right of a child to spend time with each parent. In Michigan, parenting time is granted by the court in accordance with the best interest of the child and it is presumed to be in the best interests of a child for the child to have a strong relationship with both of his or her parents, MCL 722.27(a). Therefore, the goal of any parenting time plan should be to ensure that a child has a relationship with both parents that, as nearly as possible, encourages continued parental responsibility and promotes continued parental access.

When parents follow the parenting time schedule as ordered by the court, or agree on a schedule devised between them to abide by reasonable parenting time, everyone in the family benefits. Parents who can agree on parenting time find that even though the family no longer resides together, co-parenting is possible. Co-parenting provides consistency, structure and support the entire family can benefit from.

Parenting time resources and schedules

The Macomb County Friend of the Court provides useful and valuable information to parents through its COVID-19 Custody/Parenting Time guide, Parenting Time guidelines, best practices, Long Distance Parenting Time, Infant Parenting Time, and Joint Custodial Parenting Time documents.

Further, if your Court Order states parties are to abide by a 16th Circuit Parenting Time Schedule you may find these schedules below. **NOTE the 16th Circuit Parenting Time Schedule you are to follow is the schedule that was in place at the time your Order was entered:

April 10, 2019 – present: General Parenting Time and General Summer Parenting Time request.

January 21, 2015 – April 9, 2019: Reasonable Parenting Time schedule and Summer Parenting Time request.

October 2, 2002 – January 21, 2015: Reasonable Parenting Time schedule and Summer Parenting Time request.

Modifying a parenting time order

As children grow older and the Court Ordered parenting time does not fit the family circumstances any longer, or parents cannot agree on a suitable schedule, or other major circumstances arise that impact parenting time, a Motion for Change in Parenting Time, along with a Request for Hearing on a Motion, can be filed with the 16th Circuit Court Clerk's Office. If the other parent in your case filed such a Motion, you may use the Response to Motion for Change in Parenting Time, to file a response to the Motion with the Court Clerk’s office.

Further, you may wish to utilize for beneficial information regarding parenting time, including the parenting time factors which the Court considers in parenting time hearings.

Grandparenting time

Pursuant to MCL 722.27b, (1) a child’s grandparent may seek a grandparenting time order under certain circumstances. For information on grandparenting time, including who may petition and what must be presented to the Court, you can review MCL 722.27b on Michigan’s compiled legislature website.

Friend of the Court can enforce denials of grandparenting time and failure to return the child to the custodial parent, pursuant to Court Order. If you have been denied Court Ordered grandparenting time or if the grandparent has failed to return the minor child to the primary physical custodial, please see our parenting time enforcement tab for more information and the complaint form to submit for enforcement review.