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Jurors celebrated for Juror Appreciation Month

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Jurors celebrated for Juror Appreciation Month

Media Contact: Jean Cloud                                                              Date: July 19th, 2023

Jurors celebrated for Juror Appreciation Month

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In 2018, the Michigan Supreme Court officially designated July as Juror Appreciation Month with a resolution signed by all seven justices.  The resolution acknowledged and paid tribute to the many Michigan citizens who have graciously served as jurors and encouraged everyone to answer the summons to jury service.

On Tuesday, July 18, 16th Judicial Circuit Court Chief Judge James Biernat, Jr. and Macomb County Clerk Anthony Forlini addressed the jurors to thank them for their service.  Signs were posted and cake was served as a small token to say "thank you."  This is a special time of the year to commend the efforts of thousands of people who set aside time in their busy lives to serve as jurors.  Jurors are a crucial component of our judicial system, for the right to a trial by jury would not exist without the citizens who serve as jurors.

Chief Judge Biernat stated, "on behalf of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court Bench,  I would like to thank all Macomb County residents who have participated in jury service. Although it may seem as an inconvenience, your contribution as a juror is a small price to pay to live in a free society.  You represent an important piece of democracy not only in Macomb County but in the United States."

Jurors are selected randomly based on a list of Macomb County residents who possess a Michigan State Driver's License and/or a Michigan State Identification Card.  Potential jurors are summoned to serve for one day or one trial only.  Jurors wait in the jury room until such time as a courtroom is ready to proceed to trial.  If the court does not proceed to trial that day, jurors are dismissed and have fulfilled their service.   When a jury is needed for a trial, the group of qualified jurors is taken to the courtroom and asked questions to determine their suitability to serve on the jury.  This process is called voir dire.  The selected jurors then hear the trial until its completion.  After completion, the jurors are dismissed and have fulfilled their service.

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Media Contact: Jean Cloud

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