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Macomb County

Mcat Subcommittees



The MCAT three-branched focus utilizes subcommittees to provides education, communication and direction to all possible responders and residents throughout Macomb County; to investigate and successfully prosecute cases of human trafficking to the fullest extent of the law; and to support survivors as they transition into restorative lifestyles.

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Criminal Justice Subcommittee


  • Investigate and prosecute cases of human trafficking
  • Coordinate with our service providers to provide assistance and support
  • Provide available training as it becomes available
  • Intelligence/information sharing
  • Protect, prosecute, prevention

The purpose of the Criminal Justice Subcommittee is to establish a collaborative effort amongst Macomb County Law Enforcement agencies to investigate human trafficking activity, identify and apprehend offenders, and to work with prosecuting attorneys to successfully prosecute those responsible.



Education & Public Awareness Subcommittee


  • To develop accurate and engaging training with consistent messaging
  • To identify and make available trusted resources and information
  • To build public awareness by participating in community events and activities
  • To enlist community partners who are able to help MCAT educate various populations and professions in Macomb County

The purpose of this committee is to raise awareness and increase anti-trafficking activity in Macomb County by disseminating factual and reliable information and identifying community partners.



Services to Trafficked Persons Subcommittee


  • Assist with providing training and resources to trafficked persons.
  • Assess service needs and gaps with local agencies, (to include True North Freedom, Sanctum House, Hope Against Trafficking, and others servicing exploited persons).
  • Implement procedures that ensure smooth referrals and collaboration amongst involved agencies/members.

The purpose of the Services to Trafficked Persons Subcommittee is to ensure that high quality, appropriate services are available to trafficked persons, regardless of gender, race, age, and demographics.